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The Cultural Association of Rogoznica is active in the field of amateur culture in the urban community of Rogoznica in the municipality of Ptuj. Sections enrich the cultural surroundings of the local environment and they bring culture closer to the local population with recitals and cultural events. In the Cultural Association Rogoznica there are eight sections: Theater Group, Folklore Group, Koranti Rogoznica, Painting Section, Male Choir, Ploughmen from Kicar, Section of underwater photography and Children's Folklore Group "Klopotec".

The Cultural Association of Rogoznica is a public interest organization in the area of culture and the bearer of the Kurenti Shrovetide rounds, which is also considered intangible heritage of national importance and as such, it is registered in the Slovene Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage with the Ministry of Culture and has been inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The association is a member of the Association of Cultural Associations in Ptuj and The Union of Slovene Folklore Groups, which is a member of the International Council of Organisations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Art (CIOFF).

Every year, the association organises cultural events, such as the International Art Colony Rogoznica, Christmas – New Year concert of the Male Choir and the annual concert of the Male Choir and Folklore group. Through the entire year, the sections actively carry out cultural activities in the local community and abroad. In the time of Carnival, the sections Koranti Rogoznica and Ploughmen from Kicar, visit local homes and attend carnivals at home and abroad.


Amateur culture in Rogoznica appeared in various forms in the early years of the last century. Sympathizers of amateur culture have decided to set up the Enlightened Association on 21 February in the former Cooperative Home  Rogoznica. They founded a 5-member committee, which prepared the founding acts. The Enlightened Association of Rogoznica has registered on April 1959 and it received a document about the establishment in June, the same year. The official date of the establishment of the Cultural Association of Rogoznica is the first of June, 1959.

The first president of the association was Konrad Vela. Within the framework of the Association, library, drama section and painting section have begun to operate. Soon, the choir joined them. In the time of successful functioning of all association’s sections, the association was renamed into the Alojz Arnuš Enlightened Association of Rogoznica. The mixed choir was formed into female choir.

At the end of 80's, after the Alojz Arnuš mixed choir stopped being active, the amateur culture in Rogoznica declined. Partly, it was by preserved by artists and; especially, by Koranti Group Rogoznica, which began to operate in an organized way in 1982. It was not untilDecember 1997, when a handful of enthusiasts revived Society. All the founding acts were harmonized with the new legislation, the association was renamed into the Cultural Association of Rogoznica, the chair was taken over by Marjan Cajnko, who led the association for 18 years, until 2015.

After the revival of the association, the first one to introduce itself was the Male Choir Rogoznica. At its creation, in the fall 1999, the association began to grow again. In 2001, currently inactive associations of folk singers and musicians – Old Friends from Kicar and section DUR Quintet (known as the Singers from Nova vas) have become active.

The singers of DUR Quintet began to carol at Three Wise Men (religious holiday). Annually, on that day, they visited over fifty families. They were the carriers of cultural life in the Society of Pensioners of Rogoznica. They have performed on many events in the field of Ptuj municipality, in urban communities of Rogoznica, in the shows of folk singers and musicians and various celebrations. Annually, they had over twenty performances. Regularly, they have participated as guests in The Show of Pensioneer Choirs of Slovenske gorice. In 1999, they released their first cassette and a CD. Due to lack of the singing staff, they stopped being active. Old Friends from Kicar were also very active, performing all throughout Europe and organizing sixteen concerts in Kicar. They stopped being active in 2020.

In 2005, the existing sections joined the Folklore Group of the Cultural Association of Rogoznica and the Ploughmen from Kicar. The latter cooperated for a long time; however, this year, the idea of the official registration as a section of the Cultural Association of Rogoznica emerged. In 2013, the association renewed its basic act, prepared a website and renew its entire image. In 2015 a replacement happened in the executive committee. The former president Marjan Cajnko gave over its function to Nino Galun; however, he remained in the association as a member of the executive committee and the master of the Townspeople’s Home, for which renovation he takes the credit. He has also been awarded the title of honorary member of the association.

Today, in Cultural Association of Rogoznica, there actively participate around 170 members in eight sections: Theater Group, Folklore Group of the Cultural Association of Rogoznica, Koranti Rogoznica, Male Choir Rogoznica, Painting Section, Ploughmen from Kicar, section of underwater photography and Children's Folklore Group "Klopotec". The Association has got a status of the association in public interest in the cultural field. The present president of the association is Nino Galun. The majority of activities take place in the Townspeople’s Home in Rogoznica; here is also the registered seat of the association.

With its content, the sections enrich the cultural life on various occasions in the urban community of Rogoznica in the municipality of Ptuj. With its activities, they are building up the reputation of Ptuj's amateur culture all over Slovenia and across Europe.

All members of the Cultural Association of Rogoznica strive to upgrade their activities and present it to the public. We are looking towards a bright future. We are aware that in a flood of European cultures for all lovers of culture, one of the main long-term goals and maybe the most important challenges will be the preservation of our own, Slovene identity.

Basic informations

Cultural association of Rogoznica, address: Slovenskogoriška cesta 18, postal code: 2250 Ptuj, country: SI - Slovenia

Registration number: 5275733000, Fiscal code: 97727512

Bank account: SI56 04202-0000596778; SWIFT: KBMASI2X

E-mail: kd.rogoznica@gmail.com

GSM: +386 31 565 024

Head of association: Nino Galun

Deputy Head of association: Bogomir Širovnik

Deputy Head of association: Lidija Kolarič

Secretar: Jernej Tili

Treasurer: Ivana Toplak

Member of the Executive Committee: Marjan Cajnko, GSM: +386 31 200 607

Supervisory board: Roman Krajnc, Vid Lačen, Aljaž Vojsk, Roman Petrovič, Blanka Širovnik

Disciplinary committe: Franc Rašl, Nina Godec Meško, Matjaž Prosenjak

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