Head of section: Daniel Fric

GSM: +386 41 385 180

E-mail: fric.daniel74@gmail.com

About section

The Underwater Photography Section was started in 2018 by Daniel Fric and Roman Petrovič with the purpose of maintaining the waters untouched and clean as well as to present the underwater beauty to a wide audience in artistic manner.

Basic activities of the section are sport and recreational diving. After a certain number of dives and some diving experiences, they upgrade the activities by using underwater cameras and action video recording. Together they lurk for wonderful moments in the underwater world, as it presents a true challenge to capture the play of lights and contrasts under the water’s surface to create a beautiful photograph or a video, and proudly share them with other sections for underwater photography in Slovenia and abroad. Depths of the sea and continental waters are very colourful and creative due to the configuration of their underwater landscape, fish, shells, snails, crabs, starfish, plants, shipwrecks and ruins.

Basic informations

Head of section: Daniel Fric, GSM: +386 41 385 180, e-mail: fric.daniel74@gmail.com

Deputy Head of section: Roman Petrovič, GSM: +386 40 413 561, e-mail: roman.petrovic@teleing.com