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On the initiative of the leader, Janez Kocmut, the group of folk singers and musicians – Old Friends from Kicar was formed in April 2001. They have decided to name group so, because all its members were born in Kicar; moreover, they was true friends since the days of their youth. The members of the group was three marital couples, two sister-in-laws and one niece.  With the exception of the accordion, all the instruments was home-made and their sounds matched very well. The major group’s advantage was that it could sing, play and sing or just play.

During the years, the group recorded five CDs and organised sixteen international concerts by the name Kicar Sings and Plays, at which up to fifteen groups presented themselves; they were from Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy. The group liked to return the performance; therefore, it already performed in all the mentioned countries. The group was also a guest on a TV show, called Na zdravje, on the national television. In 2017, the group received a plaque from the Municipality of Ptuj for outstanding successes in the field of amateur culture and promotion of the preservation of old customs in the wider local area.

The group stopped performing in 2020.