Head of section: Vili Horvat

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The Ploughmen are one of the many traditional carnival masks in Ptujsko polje, Dravsko polje and Haloze. In the time of Pust, the Ploughmen from Kicar visit homes in Kicar, where they plough the first furrow and sow chaff ‘pleve’ in order to wish a master a rich harvest. The boys are divided in groups according to their roles. The Horses are wearing white shirts, black trousers and a waistcoat and a blue apron; on their heads they are wearing a decorated hat. In pairs, the Horses pull the plough and behind it is the ploughman – Korant.  They are accompanied by similarly dressed ‘pokači’ and musicians. The Sower or ‘Pobirač’ is disguised as a woman; in his hands he’s holding a rake and a basket full of chaff.

The beginnings of the Ploughmen from Kicar reach in 1980, when a few of young boys from Kicar decided to preserve the tradition. Because the group was small at the beginning, they have worked for many years without a formal leader. Over the years, the group has become bigger and thus the need for the organization appeared. In 2005, they joined the Cultural Association Rogoznica where they are still active as a section. The management was taken over by Igor Šori.

Besides visiting the homes in Kicar, each year, the Ploghmen from Kicar attend the annual the opening parade and the main parade in Ptuj and the parade in Dornava, where they received an award for the best ethnographic group in 2006. They also attend parades in Hotinja vas and Dobova.

Basic informations

Head of section: Vili Horvat, GSM: +386 41 385 165

Secretar: Drago Šori, GSM: +386 40 619 568

Treasurer: Boštjan Hostnik