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About section

The male choir Rogoznica was formed in September 1999. The initiative and the desire of Marjan Cajnko (the then leader) to form a choir was so big that he searched for boys and men who have an ear for music and love for music among his friends and acquaintances.  Only few of them had the experience of singing in a choir; therefore, the first steps were difficult. It was necessary to find a conductor. The problem was that the experienced conductors did not want to take over the newly formed choir. Nevertheless, with perseverance, Marjan Cajnko managed to find the experienced conductor – Marija Štöger from Destrnik. 

Finally, the choir could start with rehearsals – successfully. The choir progressed rapidly and in December, the same year, they already had their first performance; the next year, they participated in the show of adult choirs in Ptuj. In 2000, the choir attended a show in Šentvid pri Stični for the first time. In February, the choir organised celebrations and concerts on cultural holiday. In 2000, the choir also had their first solo, now traditional, Christmas-New Year’s concert. The choir began to regularly perform at local celebrations on holidays (The Day of the Fight against Occupying Forces, the blessing of horses in front of the St. Leopold Mandič’s Church, the Suburb Quarter of Rogoznica Holiday) and at many other celebrations and events. In December 2002, at its fifth anniversary, the choir organised a concert at which most members received the bronze Gallus badges for five years of singing in a choir.

Marjan Cajnko led the choir for seven long years. In this time, he gained new members; therefore, the total number rapidly exceeded number twenty. In 2006 the management was taken over by Marjan Krajnčič, who managed the coir until 2016, when the management was taken over by Bogomir Širovnik. The choir continued to progress rapidly and it received many praise for performances, which followed one another. Nowadays, the choir has over thirty performances a year.  Usually, the rehearsals are once a week; the members of the choir have more intensive rehearsals before concerts and shows. Since 2007, the members annually participate in intensive, three-day rehearsals.

In 2008, the choir replaced its conductor. The new conductor became Franc Lačen. In 2009 the choir organised three solo concerts at the choir’s tenth anniversary. In 2013, Gregor Lačen took the place of the conductor. In December 2014, the choir celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. On this occasion, it released a CD. Today, the choir counts 30 members and there is not a celebration in municipality at which the choir would not appear. The choir is also pleased to respond to someone else’s invitation. Each year, the choir organizes many concerts, among which the most important are the Annual and Christmas-New Year’s concert.

Basic informations

Head of section: Bogomir Širovnik, GSM: +386 41 523 0757, e-mail: bogomir.sirovnik@gmail.com

Deputy Head of section: Dani Oman, GSM: +386 41 762 282, e-mail: dani.oman@apollo.si

Conductor: Gregor Lačen