Head of section: Aleš Likar

GSM: +386 40 55 77 49

E-mail: alesch.likar@gmx.net

About section

The Painting Section of the Cultural Association Rogoznica unites the artists of the local environment. Its job is mainly to educate young, talented artists. The section was formed in March 1976. The founders were Jože Foltin, Lea KRalj, Maks Menoni, Veronika Rakuša and Franc Simonič. The members of the section had mainly art education, which aid in the improvement of work. Beside the Drama Section, the Art Section was the carrier of cultural events in Ptuj municipality. When the generations changed, there has been a short standstill. Based on the initiatives and the needs of the surrounding area, the cultural activity gained a new momentum in 1997.

The section has begun to educate pre-school and primary school children, in order to develop their abilities to observe, perceive and depict the world we live in. Under close surveillance of Ptuj’s art experts: Mr. Foltina, Mr. Simonič and Mr. Menoni, the young artists enter in the world of drawings and colours in an organized way. The participants in workshops, around twenty of them at the moment, have presented themselves at the joint exhibitions. More importantly, some of them achieve visible results in the field of art activities in kindergartens and schools that they attend.

The art workshops are held throughout the year. During the summer holidays a double period of art lessons takes place once a week and during the school year twice a week. The theoretical part includes the basic principles of artistic creation from the idea to the realization. It includes all art techniques with an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of the individual technique. The emphasis is placed on the drawing as the basis of artistic creation, on the creative use of space according to the selected theme and on the artistic grounding. All these things are in accordance with the average age of the participants. In the concretization of artistic ideas, mainly the acrylic paints are used; seldom they use pencil, charcoal, graphite, pastels, chalk, watercolours. As an artistic grounding they use paper, primed hardboard, laminated canvas and; in some cases, classic canvas stretched on the frames.

Up to the present, the section has organised many successful international art colonies, and as guests, the members successfully represent Ptuj on many other art colonies in Slovenia and abroad. Their activity, shown through their work, is presented on regular or occasional art exhibitions in all the important exhibition grounds in Ptuj and its surroundings.

Basic informations

Head of section: Aleš Likar, GSM: +386 40 55 77 49, e-mail: alesch.likar@gmx.net

Deputy Head of section: Mateja Cartl, GSM: +386 41 839 005, e-mail: mateja.cartl@gmail.com

Artistic director: Maks Menoni, GSM: 041 580 659